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Walt Disney - 50th Anniversary of his Death

December 15, 2016 2 min read

Disney’s creations have a tendency, as the tagline to 1953’s Peter Pan proclaims, to ‘live in your heart forever’ and the posters that accompanied the film releases are just as enchanting.

To commemorate 50 years since Disney's passing we have picked out some of our favourite posters for his films.

Snow White

Snow White R1951 US Film Poster

The first-year-of-release posters may be some of the most valuable Disney, however our choice for this title would be the US 1 Sheet that accompanied the film's 1951 re-release. Fantastic deep rich colours and featuring everyone’s favourite dwarf dopey prominently.


Cinderella 1970 Czech Film Poster

One of our favourites for this title is the Czech 1970 (first-year-of-release in the country) with Vaca’s pop-art, almost psychedelic, design. Cinder's has never looked finer.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan 1953 US Film Poster

We love the very rare original-year-of-release 1953 US poster for one of our firm favourite Disney films, Peter Pan. The poster that's ideal for boys and girls who never want to grow up!

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty R70s US Film Poster

The artwork that accompanied the film’s re-release in the US in the 70s is one of our favourites. Positively ablaze with colour.

101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians Polish Poster

By far our favourite artwork for this title features on the very rare 1966 (first-year-of-release in the country) Polish poster. Baczewska’s alternative artwork is both utterly charming and contemporary. Certainly our number one pick.

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book Czech 1974 Film Poster

The Jungle Book, the last film to be produced by Disney himself before his death, is many people’s favourite title and there are some fantastic posters for it.

We love the first-year-of-release 1967 US 1 Sheet and French artwork. However our preference has to be for this beautiful Czech 1974 (first-year-of-release in the country) poster, with sumptuous deep colours and fun original artwork by Hlavaty. Stunning.