Father's Day Gift Ideas June 11 2018

Father's Day fast approaches but don't fret if you're still stuck for gift ideas as we've got your back!

What dad wouldn't be over-the-moon with one of our fabulous Star Wars film posters, shaken and stirred with a James Bond movie poster or goes mad for Monsters? We've plenty more on the site to choose from and to make it a little easier we've sorted some Father Favs into a new Father's Day collection.

If you're still struggling to find the perfect one for your papa then take the safe bet and get him one of our gift cards. Especially good for those last minute purchases on Sunday morning!

With one of our super cool posters you'll be sure to make it a Father's Day that he will always remember.

The 5 C's of Film Poster Investment May 02 2018

Film posters make for a fantastic investment with the added benefit that, if framed correctly, they can be displayed and enjoyed rather than locked away.

However, given the breath of choice available, how do you decide which posters make the soundest investments? Well, reading this article is the best first choice you can make!

At Orson & Welles we liken the valuation of vintage film posters to that of diamonds. As with diamonds and their four C's; carat, cut, clarity and colour, we think vintage posters have their five C’s; Condition, Classic, Country, exClusivity and Creativity. Adhere to them and your money will likely be safer than in stocks or rocks. 

Condition is key; always buy posters in the best condition that you can afford. A Near Mint/Mint poster can yield over double that of a poster in Good/Excellent condition.  A poster in bad condition isn’t however worthless, especially if it hits the other C's, and can often be restored to an excellent standard. 

The majority of older posters have had some restoration work done to them. An unrestored poster in great condition will always be more valuable than one that has had substantial work done.

Prior to the 1980’s, posters were sent out to cinemas folded so a rolled original is a rare find. Although original poster folds are not considered a defect, if you are lucky enough to buy an original rolled these are generally more valuable to collectors non-linen backed. 

Apocalypse Now 1980 Japanese sub-way poster - rolled

Apocalypse Now 1980 Japanese sub-way poster - rolled

The posters for films deemed as classic, cult or just plain cool will always make sound investments. You can have a poster in great condition but unless it's for a film deemed a 'classic', demand for the poster will generally be lower and hence any return on investment limited.

Spend your money wisely, a title with a leading actress or actor from the era, by a renowned director or award-winning lends itself to a popular film and a sought after poster. Older cult film posters are generally more valuable, though some posters for modern Blockbusters go for £100s and £1000s. Naturally, year of release for these classics are deemed the most valuable.

The Searchers 1956 UK Quad starring John Wayne
The Searchers 1956 UK Quad starring John Wayne

Country-of-origin (a term used to describe a film poster from the country where the film was made) are generally the most sought after. The Bonds are a great example of this, with the US Dr No selling for a third of the price of a UK quad. 

However, some exceptions exist; Polish and Czech posters for example are on trend at the moment with their alternative artwork, the Polish Cabaret price for example far exceeds the US country-of-origin version. Posters you could have picked up as job lots a few years ago are now selling individually in the £100s.

Planet of the Apes 1970 Czech poster
Planet of the Apes 1970 Czech poster

The scarcer the better. If a poster is very common then its value is unlikely to ever be significant, whereas if a poster is very rare then its price can soar. Naturally posters for older titles tend to be scarcer as fewer have survived over time, however posters produced in limited quantities, even for new films, can still be very valuable. For example popular films that had a limited cinema release, or specially commissioned limited runs such as the Boca designed Black Swan posters.

Roadshow posters for classics are also ones to watch out for, as are recalled posters and those that never made it into general circulation for any reason, Saul Bass’ Schindler's list for example.

Size also impacts rarity, the historically less desirable and discarded 3 sheets that had a smaller print run are now in high demand, and as less survived, are starting to warrant high prices.

Schindler's List 1993 Saul Bass 1 Sheet
Schindler's List 1993 Saul Bass 1 Sheet

The creativity can trump all the above. Great artwork can make a re-release more collectable than the original-year-of-release poster, make a Polish poster more valuable than its country-of-origin counterpart or a poster from a film from the noughties more expensive than one from the fifties. You could have a Near Mint poster for a classic film, but if the design is terrible its value will always be affected. Excellent artwork is what makes posters collectable. A sound bet is to go for posters designed by a famous artist, for example; Saul Bass, Wikor Gorka, Reynold Brown or Tom Chantrell.  

Spartacus 1970 Polish poster by Artist Wiktor Gorka
Spartacus 1970 Polish poster by Artist Wiktor Gorka 


Be aware, the most valuable and collectible posters are often reproduced either as legitimate prints or fakes.  It is always best to buy from a reputable dealer, collector or auction house to ensure you get an authentic original.

And when buying a poster for an investment, try to find one that scores highly in the above C’s, but most of all make sure you love it! Ensure any restoration, mounting, framing, or storing is done correctly, so that your poster looks as good in 20 years time as it does today.

Star Wars 1976 Howard Chaykin Special San Diego Comic Con poster

Santa, Star Wars and Chantrell December 07 2017

Spotlight on Młodożeniec

12th December marks 17 years since the death of Polish film poster designer, Jan Młodożeniec.  With that in mind, and with Christmas approaching we thought it a good time to shine the spotlight on one of our favourite posters of his, the wonderfully crazy Gremins poster. Młodożeniec's artwork of a jack-in-the-box gremlin attacking a pseudo Santa Claus is marvellously surreal and sums up the artist's style, humour and originality perfectly.

50 Years of Star Wars/The Force Still Strong at 50
The 15th December will see Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit cinemas, the eighth film in the series since it all started 50 years ago in a galaxy far, far away. Enthusiasm for Star Wars has never waned in all that time and the original posters for the films continue to be highly collectible. We have some of the finest Star Wars posters available including Tom Chantrell's much loved Pre-Oscars quad, the US Mylar Advance, the very first poster to be used in cinemas, and Marcin Chudzik's incredibly rare, with only a handful known to exist, regional Polish poster for Return of the Jedi.

Film Poster Design 101
20th December marks the 101st birthday of Tom Chantrell one of the most revered and prolific British film poster artists. Orson & Welles have many of his finest and iconic posters including the much celebrated Star Wars Pre-Oscars quad, the beautiful and very rare Let’s Make Love quad featuring, arguably, the best imagery of Marilyn Monroe and the very cool Bullitt quad starring Steve McQueen.

Upcoming Show Dates

We will be bringing along all of the above posters, and many more, to Midcentury Modern new  Hepworth Wakefield show Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th February 2018.
More details can be found on the Modern Shows website.

Show Dates, The Jungle Book and Moore October 13 2017

Upcoming Show Dates

We are looking forward to attending the following upcoming Midcentury Modern shows...

Sunday 15th October - Midcentury East at Haggerston
Sunday 19th November - Midcentury Dulwich
Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th February 2018 - Midcentury Modern at the Hepworth Wakefield

More details can be found on the Modern Shows website.

We will be taking along our fabulous new collection. Please get in touch if you would like us to bring along anything in particular to any of the shows or if you would like us to arrange complimentary tickets.

Moore to Remember

The passing of Sir Roger Moore earlier this year was very sad news. With what would have been his 90th Birthday this month on the 14th October we wanted to highlight some of our favourite film posters from his 12-year reign as James Bond. Including the Robert McGinnis designed The Man With the Golden Gun British Quad and Japanese Live and Let Die poster and Daniel Goozee's out-of-this-world Moonraker US 1 sheet.

The Jungle Book Still Radiant at 50

Disney's The Jungle Book turns 50 on the 18th October, and it's aged fantastically well. As loved today as it was when first released in 1967 and the accompanying poster artwork continues to delight and doesn't stop appreciating in value. Our favourites are the classic country-of-origin "Jungle is Jumpin'" US 1 sheet and the fabulous alternative Czech design.


Walt Disney - 50th Anniversary of his Death December 15 2016

Disney’s creations have a tendency, as the tagline to 1953’s Peter Pan proclaims, to ‘live in your heart forever’ and the posters that accompanied the film releases are just as enchanting.

To commemorate 50 years since Disney's passing we have picked out some of our favourite posters for his films.

Snow White

Snow White R1951 US Film Poster

The first-year-of-release posters may be some of the most valuable Disney, however our choice for this title would be the US 1 Sheet that accompanied the film's 1951 re-release. Fantastic deep rich colours and featuring everyone’s favourite dwarf dopey prominently.


Cinderella 1970 Czech Film Poster

One of our favourites for this title is the Czech 1970 (first-year-of-release in the country) with Vaca’s pop-art, almost psychedelic, design. Cinder's has never looked finer.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan 1953 US Film Poster

We love the very rare original-year-of-release 1953 US poster for one of our firm favourite Disney films, Peter Pan. The poster that's ideal for boys and girls who never want to grow up!

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty R70s US Film Poster

The artwork that accompanied the film’s re-release in the US in the 70s is one of our favourites. Positively ablaze with colour.

101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians Polish Poster

By far our favourite artwork for this title features on the very rare 1966 (first-year-of-release in the country) Polish poster. Baczewska’s alternative artwork is both utterly charming and contemporary. Certainly our number one pick.

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book Czech 1974 Film Poster

The Jungle Book, the last film to be produced by Disney himself before his death, is many people’s favourite title and there are some fantastic posters for it.

We love the first-year-of-release 1967 US 1 Sheet and French artwork. However our preference has to be for this beautiful Czech 1974 (first-year-of-release in the country) poster, with sumptuous deep colours and fun original artwork by Hlavaty. Stunning.

Christmas, Disney and Chantrell December 01 2016

Christmas is Coming

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun! But don't despair if you still haven't started your Christmas shopping. Our original film posters make for highly unusual and special gifts.

For those who seem to already have everything, we’re confident we’ll have a poster that they don’t have, and gift cards are available for those that are hard-to-buy.


The Magic of Disney

Snow White Poster

December 15th marks 50 years since the death of Walt Disney, the pioneer of the American animation industry. 

Disney’s creations have a tendency, as the tagline to 1953’s Peter Pan proclaims, to ‘live in your heart forever’ and the posters that accompanied the film releases are just as enchanting. 

At Orson & Welles we have an exceptional collection of rare early Disney posters, including the sumptuous 1951 re-release for Snow White, prominently featuring everyone’s favourite dwarf Dopey, the magical Peter Pan (1953) and the simply charming rare style B film poster for Sleeping Beauty (1959).

With our new collection we have added three great Czech film posters for The Jungle Book (1974)Lady and the Tramp (1974) and Cinderella (1970)

Czech Jungle Book Poster Czech Lady & The Tramp Poster Czech Cinderella Poster


Chantrell Centenary - Best of British

The Land That Time Forgot Poster

December 20th will mark the 100th birthday of the late Tom Chantrell, possibly the greatest British film poster designer ever, certainly one of its most prolific, reputedly finishing some 800 designs. 

Chantrell’s artwork for the Star Wars (1977) Quad Style C is well regarded, and rightly so, as are his designs for some of the Carry On films (notably, Carry on Cowboy (1965), Carry on Screaming! (1966) and the recalled Carry on Cleo (1964)). However, at Orson & Welles we believe that there are many other fabulous, and often rarer, titles and some that you can still buy at more affordable prices. Examples include Hammer’s Quatermass and the Pit (1967), Amicus & AIPs Dino caper The Land That Time Forgot (1975) and the wonderfully Noir Count Five and Die (1957)

Can you guess the film titles of these Polish posters? November 22 2016

Free of commercial constraints, the Polish artists, and the government officials who supported them, considered film poster design an art form.

Shying away from showcasing the main stars of the film with lazy montage imagery, the Polish artists typically condensed the essence of each film into a single, striking, image.  This resulted in some truly original, avant-garde, and often surreal, artwork. 

Can you guess the film titles from the extracts we’ve taken from Polish posters?

If you’re stuck, or want to see the posters in their full glory, you can find them all on the website.

New Collection & Midcentury Modern Show November 03 2016

New Collection

We are very proud to announce our new collection. It features some fantastic posters from across the globe. Posters from countries Japan, Czech Republic, Poland, East Germany, Italy, France, UK and USA, from the 1950s onwards. 

You can see all of the posters from the new collection using the below link:
Midcentury Modern

We are back at the Midcentury Modern show at Dulwich College on Sunday 20th November. Alongside our fantastic original film posters you'll be able to peruse the finest in 20th Century design and collectibles.
For more details and to be able to buy discounted speedy entry tickets use the below link:
We also have limited complimentary tickets available.

Posters to Górka at Midcentury South May 09 2016

Polish Cabaret Poster

We’re pleased to be showing a taster of our new collection at the Midcentury South show at the Oval this Sunday, including important pieces by celebrated Polish designer Wiktor Górka. 

Górka, co-founder of the Polish School of Posters, designed nearly 300 book, magazine covers, commercial logos and prints between the 50s and 80s. We will be bringing some of his most venerated film posters to the show including Spartacus, The Great Escape, 2001: A Space Odyssey and, arguably his most famous and uncompromising design, Cabaret.

Polish Spartacus Poster

Check out the following link for more details and to buy discounted tickets...

Anatomy of a Designer April 25 2016

Anatomy of a Murder US 1 Sheet

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of the death of Saul Bass, the undisputed maestro of film title and poster design. With a career that spanned some 50 years, Bass’ enduring style continues to resonate as strongly today as it ever did. 

Bass is said to have started his foray into film poster design in 1954 with contributions to the design for Otto Preminger’s Carmen Jones. Shortly afterwards, Bass was to collaborate again with Preminger and took the film industry design world by storm with his first fully credited title sequence and poster designs for The Man with the Golden Arm

With each new design he worked on, he never failed to deliver something striking and refreshingly unique, but always unmistakably Bass. Uncompromisingly contemporary graphic designs against bold swathes of colour and a talent for hand-produced typography often taking up as much real estate as the other design elements. This all contributed to an edginess and quality, that has since been often imitated but never surpassed.

Unsurprisingly the posters deigned by Bass are highly collectable and make for sound investments. At the top end, Vertigo, and, in our opinion the better-value-for-money, Anatomy of a Murder are highly coveted and have price tags to match. However there are many other still affordable Bass titles available.

Midcentury Modern Dulwich November 19 2015

We are very pleased to announce that this weekend, Sunday 22nd November, we are exhibiting at the Midcentury Modern show in Dulwich.

Alongside our original film posters you’ll be able to find a huge range of prices and styles from the best in 20th Century design classics and modern collectibles at the must-visit event for all those with a passion for the finest in design. 

For more details and to book discounted tickets check out the following link...

It's Christmas (well almost) November 09 2015

Stuck for present ideas this Christmas? Looking for an unusual gift for that someone who is particularly hard-to-buy-for? Well, help is on hand as our original film posters make fabulous presents.

A rolled film poster can make a perfect and highly unusual stocking filler, especially the small and medium sized ones. For those lucky enough to have plenty of wall space you can bag the ‘giver-of-the-largest’ award with some of our large, or even super-large, posters.

Original film posters are also a gift that appreciates over time. Get your little ones a classic Disney poster and watch its value grow with them, an heirloom which, in turn, they can pass onto their own children. Guarantee this year that it'll be a Snow White Christmas... 

For those who seem to already have everything, we’re confident we’ll have a poster that they don’t have, and gift cards are available for those especially fussy types to allow them to choose for themselves.

Aside from our collection online, we have many others offline and can invariably, if needed, source any particular poster you want. Handy if you have a favourite film, film star or genre in mind. We can also help find you a poster from a specific year, should you want to give a present that has the same age and gravitas as the recipient.

Certificates of Authenticity can be supplied which are a nice touch if the poster is a gift. Additionally we can gift wrap and send the poster direct to your lucky recipient if required.

Midcentury Modern Haggerston October 07 2015

We are very pleased to be exhibiting at the Midcentury Modern show at the Erno Goldfinger designed Haggerston School, this Sunday 11th October. 

Alongside our fantastic original film posters you'll be able to source the finest Eames, Jacobsen, Bertoia,  Nelson, Wegner, Charley Harper and The Days furniture, ceramics, glass, wallpaper, vintage fabrics, industrial, clocks and more... 

For more details and to book discounted tickets check out the following link... 

Midcentury Modern Dulwich March 13 2015

We are very pleased to be exhibiting at the Midcentury Modern show in Dulwich on Sunday and we hope to see you there. Along with our fantastic original film posters you'll be able to peruse the finest in 20th Century design and collectibles with Scandinavian and American Modernism, European Bauhaus, British, French and German Industrial all under one roof.

The much celebrated show, backed by Elle Decoration, is on from 10am to 4pm at Dulwich College and a visit will be well worth it... however be warned, as Grand Designs puts it "This show could cause design lovers a cardiac arrest"

For more details and to book discounted tickets check out the following link...


Sea, Sun and Shopping.... March 06 2015

Come and see us this weekend at the beautiful Bedruthan Hotel's Midcentury and Vintage Fair. With more than 50 stalls of midcentury home wares and furniture, antiques, collectibles, handmade and vintage-inspired prettiness, fashion and beauty, set by the stunning Cornish coastline.

We will be in the Midcentury section, showcasing our fantastic posters both from the site plus a sneak look at some of our new collection which will launched later this month.

Hurry, tickets (they are free) are selling out fast.




The Modern Marketplace October 23 2014

Orson & Welles are proud to have been listed on The Modern Marketplace, the site for those on the hunt for all the best that vintage has to offer. If the fifties float your boat, and the sixties set you on fire, be sure to have a look.



Spot the Difference Competition June 28 2014

For your chance to win £100 to spend on, or towards, a fabulous Orson & Welles poster then all you need to do is solve our, dastardly tricky, spot the difference competition.

Below are two images of the very colourful Italian 2 Foglio poster for the Beatles' classic Yellow Submarine, can you spot the subtle difference that we have made between the two (Tip: the difference is within the main image, so you can ignore all of the poster text under it. You can click on the image to see a larger version)?

Enter to win £100 in the Orson & Welles Spot the Difference Competition


To enter email your answer to; you must also follow us on either Facebook or Twitter and have shared or tweeted the competition (make sure you include your username on your email).


Terms & Conditions:
  • The winner will be drawn at random from all correct entries received and the judge’s decision is final. 
  • The prize is a £100 voucher redeemable on the Orson & Welles website
  • Closing date for entry is midnight on 31st July June 2014. Any entries received after the closing date will not be accepted. Orson & Welles do not accept any responsibility for emails which are not received or delays in receiving or delivering emails messages.
  • The winner will be notified by email on 1st August 2014.
  • Only one entry per person permitted.
  • Judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome of the Prize awarded.
  • The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is available.

Film Fanatic Fathers June 02 2014

What better gift for your Dad this Father's Day than an original poster from his favourite film. Whether he's always fancied himself as a bit of a Bond or be he partial to break into a Frank Sinatra classic, we have the poster for him.

Check out our collection and if there is anything specific you have in mind give us a shout and we'll do our best to source it for you


Our New Collection May 22 2014

We’re pleased to announce our new collection. As with all our posters, our new selection features some of the most stunning imagery from around the globe, from Yves Thos’ artwork of the 1960 Fellini classic La Dolce Vita to the edgy Czech 1967 My Fair Lady.

Whilst our new collection presents some of the most iconic and collectable posters available, for example the US 1 sheets for Cool Hand Luke, the Rat Pack’s Ocean’s 11and 1970s classic Chinatown, we can also source the rarest of posters like the set of three UK Double Crowns from the premiere of the 1959 Peter Sellers’ classic The Mouse that Roared; the only known posters in existence. 

Please check out all of our new posters and If you have any questions feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Catch us at Spitalfields Arts Market March 12 2014

Orson & Welles are attending the Spitalfields Arts Market from Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th March. We'll be showcasing a large collection of our online posters, plus some of our new collection not yet up.


Come and say hi! You'll find us near Giraffe.

Perfect Valentines & Anniversary Gifts January 17 2014

With Valentines coming fast, we thought it would be a perfect time to highlight some of our most romantic posters. 
Original film posters make for some wonderfully original gifts and those in this selection lend themselves particularly well to Valentines and Anniversaries, especially that all important 1st year paper Anniversary! 

From Russia With Love (1963)

What man wouldn't think he has the perfect partner if he received an original classic James Bond poster. From Russia With Love is particularly appropriate and the artwork on the US 1 Sheet Style B is our favourite.

The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

A list such as this would be incomplete without the inclusion of the iconically romantic The Thomas Crown affair poster artwork. The US artwork is both bold and romantic at once.

The Prisoner of Zenda (1952)

Who does't like a bit of swashbuckling action and the artwork on The Prisoner of Zenda poster is especially romantic 

Crossed Swords (1953)

More super swashbuckling, bold and risqué artwork feature on this US 1 Sheet for 50s film Crossed Swords. Starring Errol Flynn and "Italy's Marilyn Monroe" Gina Lollobrigida. Who couldn't like a poster with the tagline "No castle wall too strong... No Boudoir window too high" and, better still, featuring the quote "Give me a fortress to win and a wench to woo"!

Possessed (1947)

"In all your life you've seen no portrayals to match the thrill of the unquenchable love of Joan Crawford for Van Heflin in 'Possessed'". Stunning artwork on this 40s film noir.

The Rains of Ranchipur (1955)

"Bursting the floodgates on emotion... Shattering all barriers of race and time... Sweeping everything before it in its torrential Power...!" Smashing stuff. Beautiful, romantic imagery and some great typography feature on the US 1 sheet poster for The Rains of Ranchipur, starring Lana Turner and Richard Burton.

She (1965)

"SHE who must be obeyed!... SHE who must be loved!... SHE who must be possessed!"
The stunning Ursula Andress features boldly against a backdrop of flames on the US 1 sheet for 60s Hammer classic She, making it one of the favourites from that period. And with that tagline it makes for a great, tongue-in-cheek Valentines or anniversary present.

It Started In Naples (1960)

What lady wouldn't be charmed by Clarke Gable and Sophia Loren's It Started In Naples hanging on her wall. Gable's penultimate film is possibly one of the most romantic comedies ever made and this UK quad features some wonderfully schmaltzy rich artwork to match.

Launch Press Release November 20 2013

Le Mepris Original Film Poster Moonraker Advance Poster Jungle Book Original Film Poster

Original Film Poster Website Launched in Time for Christmas

Orson & Welles


21st November 2013 – Orson & Welles have launched a new website showcasing the best in original film posters, including the extremely rare, non-Oscar version of the Star Wars UK Quad Style C, a key item for any serious Star Wars collector. Visit to view the impressive collection of film posters.

The company specialises in film posters from the 1950s to 1980s, including posters from classics such asBarbarellaThe Italian Job and The Thomas Crown Affair. In addition to stocking some of the most sought after styles, Orson & Welles have hand-picked posters from many different nationalities to present the finest, most original artwork available. The posters are truly rare, iconic and highly sought after by collectors and perfect gifts for those hard-to-buy-for people.

“Film posters are no longer the preserve of cinephiles and aficionados, their appeal has spread to many more new, and enthusiastic collectors in recent years”, said Robin Yacoubian, Orson & Welles co-owner. “People now acknowedge them as fine examples of contemporary art, and in general they have proven to make great investments, especially those from Hollywood’s Golden Age, and more recent, bona fide classics. Film posters offer a wonderful insight into the style, tastes and attitude of the time”.




King Kong inspired Orson & Welles poster November 11 2013

We would love to share with you some fabulous artwork created by artist Matthew Harrower. Matt created the following poster for Orson & Welles and we think it is a great re-working of the classic 1930s King Kong poster...

Please get in touch if you're an illustrator and want to take on another poster classic for us.

Best Film Posters of the 60s October 31 2013

The Sixties… swinging, flamboyant, expressive. An era of counterculture and social revolution. And one area that this counterculture movement had a dramatic effect was film, where social taboos such as sex, drugs and violence were dissected and put up on the big screen for all to see. Naturally this spilled over into the poster art of the decade as well, and probably explains why it is our favourite for poster art!

Here are some of our choice picks from the decade. In chronological order…

Le Mépris (1963)

Fabulous, country of origin, poster of French 60s classic Le Mépris. Stunning artwork of Brigitte Bardot by Georges Allard.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (1966)

The best western ever made? Possibly. The French one sheet is certainly one of the best posters.

Blow-Up (1966)

A sexually explicit (for its time) and explosive film – one of the finest examples of the relaxing of sexual taboos of the era. In fact it has been cited as a contributing factor in the eventual demise of the Production Code (which had refused to approve it). All of the Blow-Up poster versions are great but our fav would have to be the Italian 4 Foglio, which at a massive 55 x 78 inches deserves to only ever be hung in a cool loft conversion.

Cool Hand Luke (1967)

The poster that does not fail to communicate. The US one sheet has some great pop art visuals and sums up effectively the film’s essence and style.

The Dirty Dozen (1967)

“Train them! Excite them! Arm them! ..Then turn them loose on the Nazis!”. Another taboo. Robert Aldrich’s ultra violent and controversial WWII flick reaped rewards as it netted the biggest takings for the year. The film and this US one sheet are obvious influences on Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.

Point Blank (1967)

This crime thriller did not fare well at the box office when it was released but it is now firmly a cult favourite. The US artwork has a fabulous pop art feel, however we prefer the artwork on the Italian 2 Fogli with its lovely rich colours.

Barbarella (1968)

Like Blow-up another fine example of the relaxing of sexual taboos of the time. This sexually explicit  (by contemporary standards) sci-fi is well represented in the film’s poster with Jane Fonda clad in one of her provocative get-ups. Some great alternative artwork was done for Barbarella, our fav is this US One Sheet Style B.

Bullitt (1968)

Another iconic film. McQueen was reluctant to do this film as he thought playing a cop didn’t fit in with his cool image. However I think he still looks pretty cool in the German A1 poster, our favourite version

The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

Another McQueen classic and a truly excellent film, far superior to its reasonable remake. The US poster is fittingly one of the best posters of the decade, the two tone simplicity of it is very powerful and portrays the romantic nature of the film perfectly.

Easy Rider (1969)

Another film that was significant in the counterculture movement of the era. Focusing on the drug culture of the time summed up nicely in the legendary phrase “The 60s, if you remember it man you weren’t there”. My preferred version of the poster, Japanese B2 (in blue), really does credit to this seminal road movie.

The Italian Job (1969)

It tends to follow that the most iconic films are accompanied by the most iconic poster art. Popularity of the film will fuel the appreciation of the poster art, and vice versa. However in the case of The Italian Job the poster was not well received on release and it has been blamed for the poor performance of the film on initial release. Ironically the understated charm of the poster has made it more popular than ever and, with the fortunes of both film and poster having fared better in recent decades, it illustrates how poster art can make sound investment.