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Collectors & Dealers - Looking to Sell?

Are you a dealer or collector with posters, film or otherwise, to sell? We offer three services;

Upfront purchase

We are always interested in buying posters individually or in bulk for our own collection. Should you wish to sell any that way then please contact us with the details of the posters you wish to sell.


If you are not in a hurry to sell your posters then consigning them to us to sell on your behalf is another option. Minimum consignment value is £1000. If interested please contact us for more information.

Collector/Dealer Database

Additionally we maintain a collector/dealer database of posters that we are currently not in a position to purchase, or the collector/dealer does not wish to sell at the price offered. We get called daily with people requesting posters that we don't have on the site or don't have in stock, the aim of the database is to enable us to match up quickly those willing to sell with those looking to purchase. Please note the database is only for posters with a minimum value of £100. If interested please contact us for more information.