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My Fair Lady 1967 Czech A1 Film Poster, Kaplan

The US poster for My Fair Lady with artwork by Bob Peak is well celebrated, however we think the Czech poster is the fairest of them all! It features artwork far more contemporary, edgy and cool than its US counterpart. This is the much rarer larger format Czech poster.

Professionally cleaned, deacidified  and linen-backed. 

This vintage movie poster is sized 21 3/8 x 32 inches (22 1/4 x 32 3/4 inches including the linen-backing).

Year 1967 (Czech original-year-of-release).
Poster Type CZE A1 (23 x 33 inches)
Style -
Art by     Zdeněk Kaplan
Rolled/Folded/Other Rolled Linen-backed
Condition Excellent    
Condition Details

Touch up to fold lines and background. Small blue stain top middle right. Displays very well