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Cachou Lajaunie 1922 Vintage French Sweets Advertising Poster, Leonetto Cappiello

Original 1920s French vintage Cachou Lajaunie advertising poster featuring a beautiful design by poster artist Leonetto Cappiello. We love Cappiello's design of a fabulously dressed lady smoking whilst confidently holding aloft her Cachou Laujaunie breath freshners. Another famous image by Cappiello - often called 'the father of modern advertising' because of his innovation in poster design.

Cachou Laujaunie, Created in 1880 by a pharmacist from Toulouse, France, Mr. Leon Lajaunieo to promote fresh breath and dental health. After more than a century of existence, the recipe developed by Leon Lajaunie is still the same.

This poster is sized 38 x 59 inches and sized in Rolled Linen-Backed Excellent  Condition. It will be sent rolled (unframed).

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