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Cyrk Trumpet Clown 1969 Polish B1 Circus Poster, Jan Mlodozeniec

Fabulous original Polish Circus / Cyrk poster from 1969 featuring a wonderfully colourful trumpet playing clown design by Jan Mlodozeniec.

The ‘Cyrk” circus poster in Poland appeared for the first time in 1962 when the ZPR (Zjednoczone Przedsiębiorstwa Rozrywkowe, or United Entertainment Enterprises), the state agency that oversaw the circus, commissioned leading artists from the Polish School of Posters to develop a modern approach to the circus poster.

The ZPR wanted a new look for the circus poster to complement the circus’ efforts to upgrade its image. Not intended to advertise specific performances, they, rather, celebrated the essence of the circus through rich artistic expression with designs typically featuring clever metaphors, bold colours and humour. Heavy in symbolism, provocative and highly original the designs remain contemporary to this day and continue to gain appreciation.

This first edition offset lithograph has been professionally linen-backed and measures 26 1/2 x 38 1/4 inches (27 1/2 x 39 1/4 inches including the linen-backing). It will be sent rolled (unframed). 

  • Year: 1969
  • Poster Type: Polish B1
  • Style: -
  • Art By: Jan Mlodozeniec
  • Rolled/Folded/Other: Rolled
  • Condition: Near Mint/Mint
  • Condition Details: Just very little handling in places