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James Bond 1998 German Exhibition Poster Agents, Villains and The Babes, Robert McGinnis

Commissioned in 1998 as one of a series of poster designs intended to promote the James Bond Exhibition held at the Roemer – Und Pelizaeus – Museum, Hildesheim Germany. Titled “Agents, Villains and The Babes” the stunning 007 artwork by regular Bond poster artist Robert McGinnis, features a highly detailed all-action montage from Bond’s previous adventures.

However the border artwork is made up of beautiful, largely naked or scantily clad women which after consultation with the Museum Board was considered too risqué to use in publicising the Exhibition so only a small number of the initial print run were all that was printed. The example offered here is from this first print run and should not be confused with the later Limited Edition lithograph issued by McGinnis himself which has the censored artwork which was also used for the cover of the Sunday Times November 7th 1999 edition.

This original poster is sized 16 1/2 x 23 1/4 printed on heavy paper stock and will be sent rolled (unframed). Rolled - Near Mint

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