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Operation Snatch 1962 UK Quad

In Operation Snatch Terry-Thomas plays a British officer charged with the welfare of Gibraltar's barbary apes during World War II. When he detects that the animals' morale is slipping, he devises a plan to go behind the German lines to "kidnap" a new ape to lift his charges' spirits before the Germans use their condition as propaganda.

We love the stunning artwork on this country-of-origin UK quad poster for the 60s mad-cap caper. We're also partial to the odd double entendre so this poster tickles our fancy in more ways than one...

Year 1962
Poster Type UK Quad (30 x 40 inches)
Style  - 
Art By  - 
Rolled/Folded/Other Folded
Condition NM
Condition Details

Very little tear in right margin. Very minor wear and creasing on folds. Some pinholes. Fantastic condition


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