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Port of Wickedness

"She ruled, a queen over gold-mad love-hungry men..."

This US Insert is from the 1954 re-release of the 1935 film titled Barbary Coast. It was renamed to, the far more enticing, Port of Wickedness for the re-release. Great imagery and colours. Would make a great gift for any 'players' out there.

Year 1935 - re-release from 1954 (the film was originally entitled Barbary Coast)
Poster Type US Insert (14 x 36 inches)
Style -
Art by    
Rolled/Folded/Other Rolled
Condition Very Good 
Condition Details Originally appears to have had a single centre fold, softened after being stored rolled for many years. Staining, creases, pin holes and some minor paper loss. Stamp and writing on back, very light bleed through

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