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Saint Joan 1957 US 1 Sheet Film Poster, Saul Bass

The US 1 sheet for Saint Joan. The 1957 film directed by Otto Preminger and starring Jean Seberg as the titular Joan of Arc, alongside Richard Widmark, John Gielgud and Richard Todd, was adapted from the George Bernard Shaw play by Graham Greene. With Saul Bass as the designer of the poster – the list of collaborators could hardly be any more impressive.

The poster is regarded as one of Saul Bass’ finest and is truly a work of art. His design of the partial figure holding a broken sword, set against a wonderfully Klimtian background accompanied by smashing typography, is a rare and important piece.

Actual poster size 26 7/8 x 41 1/4 inches (27 1/2 x 42 1/4 including linen-backing)

Year 1957
Poster Type US 1 Sheet (27 x 41 inches)
Style  - 
Art By Saul Bass
Rolled/Folded/Other Rolled - Linen-backed
Condition NM
Condition Details
Professionally cleaned,de-acidified & linen-backed. Prior to line-backing and restoration there was very light wear on a small crease in top left hand side and fold lines. Now very minor wear and touch up to fold lines. Looks fantastic

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