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The Curse of Frankenstein 1957 French Grande Film Poster, Jean Mascii

The Curse of Frankenstein (Frankenstein S'est Echappe), classic 1957 British horror by Hammer Film Productions, loosely based on the 1818 novel Frankenstein. This first-year-of-release French Grande film poster is a fantastic poster and features a hauntingly wonderful design by French artist Jean Mascii. Impossibly rare, the only copy we have ever come across.

Jean Mascii (1926-2003) the Italian born French artist designed nearly 1500 cinema posters and more than 250 book covers and visual for the press and advertising. He was one of the most productive creators of movie posters in France alongside Rene Ferracci, Clement Hurel, Michel Landi, and Boris Grinsson.

His art craftsman parents left Italy and settled in France in 1932. He began as a decorator for cinema facades and designed his first cinema posters in 1947. He also composed posters for the music hall and book covers for publishers.

France has a long and rich history in poster design that dates back to the mid-19th century.... CLICK TO READ MORE
One of the most influential figures in the development of vintage posters was the French poster artist Jules Chéret. Around 1866, Chéret is credited with producing the first colour lithograph posters, using a technique he refined from the black and white process first invented by German actor and playwright Alois Senefelder in 1798. Cheret's three stone lithographic process allowed artists to achieve every colour in the rainbow using just three stones - usually red, yellow and blue - printed in careful registration.

The Parisian artists, headed by Cheret and including masters Steinlen, Willette, Grasset, Bonnard, Forain and, last but certainly not least, Toulouse-Lautrec's vibrant and eye-catching designs influenced, in part, by Japanese Woodcuts brought a new level of visual appeal to the streets of Paris and, in turn, established the poster as an art form.

The Belle Époque (Beautiful Era), a period of peace and frivolity in France from the late 19th to the early 20th century (1870-1914), played a significant role in the continued advancement of poster design. This era coincided with economic growth and the rise of a new middle class with disposable income and leisure time. It was during this time that the poster craze took hold in France, with posters being used for advertising various products, events, and entertainment.

Over the decades that followed from these auspicious beginnings French poster design continued to flourish and designers from around the world followed suit in experimenting with poster design for advertisements for cultural events, travel, film, food and drink and more.

This original vintage movie poster has been professionally linen-backed is sized an impressive 45 x 62 inches (plus a little more with the linen). It will be sent rolled (unframed).

  • Year: 1957
  • Poster Type: French Grande
  • Style: -
  • Art By: Jean Mascii
  • Rolled/Folded/Other: Rolled - Linen-backed
  • Condition: Near Mint/Mint
  • Condition Details: Just light touch-up to fold lines