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The Evil That Men Do 1984 Concept Artwork by Vic Fair

Superb concept rough by renowned British film poster designer Vic Fair for Charles Bronson's The Evil That Men Do. We love the pop art feel to the image and the two hand coloured acetate overlays gives a wonderful insight into Fair's design process. Criminally this design was not used on the final printed poster.

Signed by Fair and affixed to the original board that he used. Would be great framed alongside the other The Evil that Men Do concept art that we have.

Naturally a very rare, special item with solid provenance having been consigned to us by Vic Fair's son.

Sized approx. 19 1.2 x 24 1/2 inches.

Year 1984
Poster Type Concept Rough
Style  - 
Art By Vic Fair
Rolled/Folded/Other Flat

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