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The Italian Job 1969 US 3 Sheet Film Poster

Wonderful artwork combined with the size of the US three sheet makes this The Italian Job poster one that truly blows the bloody doors off of any room that you put it in!

The Italian Job poster art was not well received was blamed for the poor performance of the film on initial release. Ironically the understated charm of the poster has made it more popular than ever and, with the fortunes of both film and poster having fared better in recent decades, it illustrates how poster art can make sound investment. 

This design features in Tony Nourmand and Graham Marsh's Film Posters of The 60s.

Linen backed, in fabulous condition (actual poster size 41 1/4 x 80 1/4 inches, 43 3/8 x 81 3/8 inches including the linen backing).

Year 1969
Poster Type US 3 Sheet (41 x 81 inches)
Style -
Art by    
Rolled/Folded/Other Rolled - Linen backed
Condition Mint 
Condition Details -

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