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December 07, 2017 2 min read

Spotlight on Młodożeniec

12th December marks 17 years since the death of Polish film poster designer, Jan Młodożeniec.  With that in mind, and with Christmas approaching we thought it a good time to shine the spotlight on one of our favourite posters of his, the wonderfully crazy Gremins poster. Młodożeniec's artwork of a jack-in-the-box gremlin attacking a pseudo Santa Claus is marvellously surreal and sums up the artist's style, humour and originality perfectly.

50 Years of Star Wars/The Force Still Strong at 50
The 15th December will see Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit cinemas, the eighth film in the series since it all started 50 years ago in a galaxy far, far away. Enthusiasm for Star Wars has never waned in all that time and the original posters for the films continue to be highly collectible. We have some of the finest Star Wars posters available including Tom Chantrell's much loved Pre-Oscars quad, the US Mylar Advance, the very first poster to be used in cinemas, and Marcin Chudzik's incredibly rare, with only a handful known to exist, regional Polish poster for Return of the Jedi.

Film Poster Design 101
20th December marks the 101st birthday of Tom Chantrell one of the most revered and prolific British film poster artists. Orson & Welles have many of his finest and iconic posters including the much celebrated Star Wars Pre-Oscars quad, the beautiful and very rare Let’s Make Love quad featuring, arguably, the best imagery of Marilyn Monroe and the very cool Bullitt quad starring Steve McQueen.

Upcoming Show Dates

We will be bringing along all of the above posters, and many more, to Midcentury Modern new  Hepworth Wakefield show Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th February 2018.
More details can be found on the Modern Shows website.